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National Geographic - Big Cat Week

How we made it

National Geographic - 'Big Cat Week'


We created a sequence of rotoscoped cutouts from the original National Geographic footage to be used as stencils to create the desired effect National Geographic wanted for their ads.

National Geographic - 'Big Cat Week'


Our post production team began by rotoscoping the subjects from the original footage. This was then overlaid on a red background, printed and then precisely cut to shape. Once we had our card cutouts, we animated on a green screen with the cut outs held by hand models and a glass top down rig for the silhouettes. This footage was then dropped into the urban imagery to create the high-paced, impactful final production.

National Geographic - 'Big Cat Week'

Making Of

‘National Geographic Big Cat Week’ was a unique and incredibly fun production. It was a real team effort and almost everyone at the studio played a part in creating this animation. The production lasted around 6 weeks but we enjoyed it so much that it felt like it was in and out like a flash, time flies when you love your work.

Final Film