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Anglepoise - 'Abandon Darkness'

How we made it

Anglepoise Set Mock Up 1
Anglepoise - 'Abandon Darkness'


Working with advertising legend Sir John Hegarty, we created this wonderful stop-motion animation for classic British brand Anglepoise to promote the lifetime guarantee available on every Anglepoise lamp.

Anglepoise - 'Abandon Darkness'


The challenge in storyboarding this film was making the lamps feel like characters and making sure their reactions came across on screen.

Anglepoise - 'Abandon Darkness'


The animatic phase allowed us to block out the timings for the Anglepoise lamps in each scene.

Anglepoise - 'Abandon Darkness'


We were thrilled to be a part of this production with Anglepoise, building the workshop set and bringing every lamp you see to life through stop-frame animation was a joy for all involved.

Final Film