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American Express - 'Make Something Bigger'

How we made it

American Express - 'Make Something Bigger'


The concept for American Express was simple - turn the everyday small stuff you buy into bigger stuff. This was an idea ripe for stop-motion, creating large sculptures from everyday items.

Our incredible team of model-makers designed and built headphones from cups to stand 7 feet tall, a suitcase capable of smuggling 50 real ones inside it from cereal boxes and a guitar from cans that even a giant would struggle to play!

American Express - 'Make Something Bigger'


The storyboarding process allowed us to plan out how best to shoot the sculptures being created. Without giving away the final piece, our team started with close-ups before working up to the final reveal in a wide shot.

American Express - 'Make Something Bigger'


American Express was larger than life! Building the models for the film was a challenge, as these large scaled models needed to support their own structure and still lend themselves to being animated using stop-motion.

Final Film