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Visual Effects

Our VFX Work

After Effects Example

Adobe After Effects

Our Digital team has been working with Adobe After Effects for about a decade and it has become an ingrained part of our workflow.

We use After Effects for everything from stop-motion de-rigging and clean up to 2D compositing for high-quality, photo-real, effects blended seamlessly with the stop-motion animation we are known for.

We use After Effects for its extraordinary range of features that can be used to manipulate images and video taken on set right through to the finished film.

It doesn't stop there though. Our team also uses After Effects to animate 2D motion graphics projects once final designs have been approved from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Here the team can get incredibly finite and articulate movements from puppeted characters to create fluid and engaging animation.


Blender Wireframe

What is Blender? Well, think of Blender as a multi-skilled digital sculpting and construction tool.

With Blender you can create digital versions of real-world objects or even sculpt creations that have never existed before.

At the studio, we use Blender to create 3D objects that can be animated and then composited into the final composition. We've used it for created shattering glass, extruded and textured text titles and even to create an imaginary digital world.

Blender Example


Maya Cod Liver Oil Capsule

Think of Maya (from Autodesk) as Blender's bigger brother with far more power behind it.

Similar processes and tools are available in Maya but the software has more advanced features that can create incredibly realistic 3D objects and animations.

See those cod liver oil capsules in the shape of a fish to the left of this text? Well, they were actually created in Maya!

After Effects Stop Motion Effects Example


We're constantly expanding our capacity with visual effects work but always at the heart of it stands our stop-motion animation. We use visual effects software and features to enhance but not subtract from the incredible stop-motion work that the studio produces.

If you want to know more about our capabilities or how we can integrate stop-motion and VFX into a project for you then please use the form below to get in touch with us.