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Studio Equipment

Arri lights


Our studios are kitted out with range of lighting equipment to suit any stop-motion production, from large scale shoots to small, intricate sets. This includes comprehensive lamp options from Arri, Strand and Dedolight. Studio 1 is equipped with an 18-way dimmer rack and lighting desk, with four overhead space lights. Four 6-way dimmer racks are also available for use in any of our three studios.

  • Arri 150w Fresnels
  • Arri 300w
  • Arri 1kw
  • Arri 2kw
  • Arri 2.5kw Softs
  • Arri 5kw Softs
  • Arri Minifloods
  • Strand 650w Fresnels
  • Strand 1kw Fresnels
  • Head Dedolight kits
  • 12v mini profiles and birdies
  • LED 10w, 20w and 50w floodlights
  • 4x space lights (Studio 1)
  • 18-way dimmer rack and lighting desk (Studio 1)
  • 6-way dimmer racks.


At A+C Studios we shoot with Canon cameras, and are equipped with the latest industry-recommended Canon EOS R models, complete with Stop Motion Animation firmware to greatly enhance the shooting experience for animators. Our lens kits include high quality prime lenses from Nikon and Zeiss.

  • Canon EOS R cameras
  • Canon EOS 1D Mark IV cameras
  • Selection of Zeiss lenses
  • Selection of Nikon lenses.


A variety of rigging equipment is available to use throughout any of our three studios, with fixed equipment such as an infinity cove in Studio 1 and lighting scaffold rigging in Studio 2. Colorama backgrounds including chroma options are available in a wide variety of colours, and Manfrotto Salon Stands are available in each studio, for flexible but extremely sturdy camera placement. C-stands, flag arms, knuckles, poly holders and magic arms are available for rigging various lighting equipment.

  • 3 wall infinity cove (Studio 1)
  • Lighting scaffold rigging (Studio 2)
  • Assortment of coloramas inc. chroma
  • C-stands
  • Flag arms
  • Knuckles
  • Poly holders
  • Wind Up stands
  • Manfrotto Magic Arms
  • Manfrotto Salon Stands
  • Manfrotto Tripods
  • 2k stands.
Omni Slider

Motion Control

For motion control, we use equipment from DitoGearâ„¢. The DitoGear 2.5m OmniSlider offers a wide variety of options for dynamic stop-motion shooting, and can be rigged in many different ways to achieve highly creative and cinematic shots.

  • DitoGear 2.5m OmniSlider
  • DitoGear OmniHead.


All animation workstation rigs in our three studios are portable and are equipped with Dragonframe, the industry standard stop-motion animation software along with Bluetooth/USB 'Dragon Pad' controllers. Every rig has an additional monitor for reference and playback.

  • Portable computer workstation tower rigs
  • Duel monitor setup
  • Dragonframe stop-motion animation software with Bluetooth/USB controllers.