During the Coronavirus lockdown, at A+C Studios we were given our biggest challenge to date; to create a stop-motion animation in just three days under the national COVID-19 guidelines. It was for our client LEGO Group on behalf of the UK Government so we wanted to make sure we got this done to the very best of our ability and delivered on time.

This was following numerous projects we’ve had the privilege of working on with the LEGO Group, such as our hugely successful YouTube LEGO Series, which has gained even more popularity with kids and parents since the lock-down. However, when we made this series, we were working in our production studio with all our equipment, over half a million LEGO bricks and a full team of animators! It was clear that our work was cut out for us on this project, but we had already moved all our stop-motion animators and motion designers home, so online group discussions were frequent to get mobilising. Luckily we were already accustomed and fully equipped to get moving – our lead stop-motion animator James had even set up a studio in his flat! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we were able to communicate quickly and efficiently without needing to be in the same room.

When we heard about the initiative of the campaign, which was to talk directly to the children of the nation about the importance of staying home and to ‘be a hero!’- we really wanted to help. We are a bunch of kids here at A+C and the opportunity to talk to this audience who we hold dear to our hearts, as well as using our favourite medium was not an opportunity not to be missed. We collaborated with the creatives at the LEGO Agency to make each scene as dynamic and humorous as possible – we were in constant communication. It was a real team effort as everyone worked together for the best of the project, swapping ideas and suggesting things we could do with the little time we had. Both sides tackled the restrictions from the offset, which opened up new ways of working we didn’t think possible. We paved the way for a new way of producing content, which as it stands is unprecedented.

We really hit the ground running with this project; designing, adapting, going over scripts, collaborating and finally physically animating. We stuck to the government guidelines throughout, whilst going back and forth with the client as we delivered the project in stages so they could start the rest of the edit their side. We had to work throughout a couple of nights to make sure we delivered on time (much pizza was consumed), and with a few last-minute changes we still managed to hit our deadline, including a behind the scenes video we provided as a thank you gift which you can see below:

It was a real team effort and we worked really hard to get this over the line. A special thanks to our partners at the LEGO Agency and LEGO Group who gave us the opportunity to work on such an important and challenging project, one that we will never ever forget.