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Food & Drink Animation

Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

When most people think of stop animation, they think of miniature models and miniature props. But that doesn't have to be the case! We can also animate real size, real world objects, and one of the greatest things to animate for TV idents and ads is real food and drink products.

From cereal to chocolate, baby food to beer and everything in between - we've animated the lot! A+C Studios has you covered for all your FMCG and CPG needs. We can animate raw food and drink products as well as packaged goods, with all the added wonder and creative potential of stop-motion.

We've worked with the likes of Cheerios, Oreo, Cadbury, Robinsons, Coors Light and Ella's Kitchen to name just a few. Get in touch to see how we can bring your food or drink brand to life!

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Get in touch if you want to discuss a script, ideas for social content or simply to find out how animation can help your brand.