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Who Doesn't Love the Smell of Plasticine?

Claymation is an animation style we all know and recognise from childhood television and it traces its roots back to the early days of animation. It is produced using the frame-by-frame stop-motion method and involves creating the illusion of motion with a malleable substance, which is often clay-based such as Plasticine (we have loads of it!)

Using clay animation will add an element of fun to any project. Because clay is deformable, we can do pretty much anything with it to create characters, objects, scenery and visualisations.

We love to get the Plasticine out, and as with all animated projects at A+C Studios, we can produce claymation all under one roof from script to screen.

A+C Studios have produced claymation commercials for a number of brands, as well as many in-house productions of our own!

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