Character animation is any type of animation that focusses on (you guessed it), characters! This can be in any medium – stop-motion, claymation, papercraft or perhaps 2D animated styles. As human beings, we all love seeing characters on-screen and the beauty of animation means that characters can take any form. They might be a person, animal, alien, or blob of morphing clay – the sky really is the limit.

We love creating character animation because it’s a form that allows our creatives and animators to really show their skills. We can create emotion, expression, posture and personality from almost anything. As with all our work, we can create any character animation from conception to delivery, all under one roof in our fully equipped studio just outside London.

A+C Studios have produced character animations for clients including LEGO, British Airways, Harrods, Playmobil and Trivago.

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ReDefine Haemophilia

LEGO YouTube Series

LEGO YouTube Series

Trivago animation


British Airways stop-motion

British Airways

Harrods animation


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