The Turner Prize Lands in Margate

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The Turner Prize has landed in Margate. This Saturday the exhibition, showcasing the shows from the four finalists, opened at the Turner Contemporary in our home town of Margate. We couldn’t be more excited. Margate has a long history of attracting artists to its shores. It was Turner himself who sighted that Margate had the loveliest skies in all of Europe. And it’s not just the skies that make Margate irresistible to artists and creative-minded people. This seaside town is brimming with inspiration whether you’re an amateur artist, a sculpting pro or simply just enjoy soaking in the quirky shores of scenery new and old. 

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Behind The Model-Making – Puppets For Stop-Motion Animation

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Probably the most prominent aspect of a stop-motion film is the characters. They are the vehicle for story-telling and arguably the element of the film the audience find most memorable.

Over the years, many different puppet making techniques have emerged that have changed the face of stop-motion animation. These changes can be technical, helpful to the animators or they could simply be artistic changes that allow for new and interesting styles to emerge. Leaps in technology have also helped to merge these into one, creating aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible models.

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The Power of Paper-Craft – 5 top tips for animating with paper

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Paper-craft animation is loved the world over thanks to its charm, striking aesthetic and accessibility. Cut out animation was one of the earliest forms of stop-motion and is still a firm favourite with audiences today – thanks in no small part to the early seasons of South Park. We love nothing more than using the versatility and adaptability of paper to push the boundaries of stop-motion, creating 3D sculptures, handmade crafted characters and immersive environments.

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Video Killed The Photograph Star – The power of video on social media

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Video is set to rule social media in 2019, it’s been an upward trend since 2016 and today it’s never been so important. It’s simple, audiences engage better with moving pictures and social platforms reward this. From a personal page right through to the largest brands on the platforms everyone is using video, even Instagram, a channel built to showcase still imagery, has evolved its platform to keep up with this trend.

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