So you need to commission a new animation and you’ve been tasked with writing the dreaded brief.. but where do you start? Well, luckily for you we’ve put together a helpful downloadable guide to run through everything you need to know.

A brief is an essential document produced for an animation studio that effectively covers the task at hand: the objectives of the film; the strategic direction; and all the deliverables you require.

Spending a little time creating this document will not only allow you to consider in detail what it is you want to achieve, but it will also ensure both you and the animation studio are on the same page throughout the process, leaving no room for assumptions and second guessing. Nobody knows your business better than you, so collaboration will be an important part of the process and it starts with the brief.

animation audienceWhile it might be down to you to write the brief itself, it is really important to get executive buy-in before you make a start. If all internal stakeholders have shared, clearly defined objectives, you can be confident that everyone on your team is singing from the same hymn sheet and avoid any potential hold-ups during production.

In our downloadable guide you’ll discover:

  • Audience
  • Objectives
  • Look and feel
  • Deliverable
  • Key dates
  • Budget

Brief deliverablesWe’re always happy to jump on a call to discuss your brief and the studio door is always open for a coffee and a tour.  In the meantime click the button below to download our guide.

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