When war was declared on Sunday 3 September 1939, all cinemas were immediately closed as a safety precaution. Interestingly though, most were back in business within a week as the authorities realised that the nation needed entertainment to keep spirits up and morale high.

Fast-forward to today and the COVID-19 outbreak has been the only period in generations that we have had to abide by an imposed lockdown. Now more than ever we are consuming more and more online content due to being at home. With this demand for content, there is increasing pressure on the ad world to create too, and with a firm halt on social interaction, how can we make content without physically being on set? The answer is animation of course!

Why animation?

Animation as a storytelling device harks back to our childhood, from reading story books at bedtime, and more primitively; to the first form of cave paintings. Nostalgia has an incredible way of filtering out the negative emotions and can even fight depression.  It’s through animation where we can add complete creative freedom to a narrative. With animation the possibilities are endless. It’s a creative decision, each element carefully chosen, from colour, pacing and design, to models, the outfits they wear and the expression on their faces.  Right now animation and stop-motion leads the ability to create a world which isn’t grounded in our reality, and is only limited by our imaginations.  We need a little escapism right now, and animation has the potential to add some magic to an otherwise un-magical time.

A+C Illustration

When it comes to advertising specifically; you can visualise almost anything and it can be done in stop-motion for example; a sunny beach, or an entire room set like our Homesense campaign or Anglepoise, to creating an online educational series using over half a million Lego bricks to create 100 different sets shot over 50 animations.  We have even made huge 6ft versions of products for American Express proving that fairly intangible or complicated ideas can be easily conveyed. Visual elements can morph, form, grow and move around in clever ways, and it’s the movement which creates whatever feeling you want to viewer to feel.

A+C Animating

So, why now during this crazy time?

Audiences respond really well to animations, it’s often said that people learn more from a visual medium than anything else, and its animation which can bring stories to life. It’s also that human element to a story or campaign that people can instantly connect with which is more poignant than ever right now. Animation brings dull subject-matters to life, and in turn delivers fun, lightheaded, exciting and expressive emotion-lead content to the viewer. Stop-motion specifically brings a tactile element which brings the physical-world to the digital– merging the two mediums. Whilst everyone is at home, there is a need to create campaigns which those people can identify with, whilst remaining authentic. We at A+C Studios are lucky as we have our own studio space and in-house team which we can mobilise quickly to bring your project to life!

So to answer the question why are we still animating? Because we’re passionate, and because we CAN!

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