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Why Animation Is The Best Sales Tool for Your Brand

Alex M Sep 28, 2022 Scroll to read in 4 minutes
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As creative expressions go, there are few more effective & versatile than animation to help convey complex business and brand messages on any platform. Animation can be used for social media, websites, presentations, AI, virtual reality experiences, training or inductions, sales, digital promotions, advertising or on the metaverse.

With budgets tightening and ongoing pressure for ROI and accountability, what better way to spend your resources than on something with so many uses to get your story through to your target audience?

Businesses often consider using animation but don't know where to start or what benefits it brings. We'll take you through all the various permutations of animation, and you'll see that no other marketing or communication asset ticks as many boxes to engage with your audiences and get them to take up your calls to action.

Studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to just 10% when reading text. Animation is highly shareable on all communications and social media platforms.

Yet many still view animation as an obsolete childhood thing, not something that can carry a complex business or sales messages. But humans are programmed to learn, remember and recount through storytelling, and animation is undoubtedly the best storytelling medium.

Stop motion animation, in particular, is the superior medium for conveying messages simply and with charm. While it is possible to create texture, depth and warmth in CGI, nothing can top stop motion animation. Campaign groups online are willing broadcasters to reinstate the OG stop motion versions of shows because the CGI versions lack a certain something, such is the power of stop motion.

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Animation is a fantastic tool to explain all your products or services to new, existing and past clients, potentially introducing them to the whole gamut your business offers, not just what they already know. The audience can understand what you do and how you do it via animation.

The endless possibilities show the power of animation as a communication asset.

What to expect when commissioning animation. 
The most important thing to do when you're commissioning for animation is to pick a studio with the in-house skills to complete the project and get you to your destination. Animation is a multifaceted and highly skilled discipline and a worthwhile investment, so your chosen studio should align with your requirements. Suppose you need any amends in the future or to create a more extensive project series. In that case, a studio will be a better option than a freelancer because a studio will have the capacity to make ongoing changes as well as the archiving capabilities to keep all your files available.

Depending on the complexity, our studio can output between 2 - 10 seconds of animation a day.

Unlike live action, which is about filming what already exists, animation must be created from scratch, with care and precision. The backgrounds, characters, motion graphics and written call-outs, the music, colours and voiceovers, including engaging the talent and recording studio time needed to achieve all this, are all done from scratch. Added to that are the sound effects, editing, and compositing to finish up your polished piece and make it flow to the narrative. With animation, you have the versatility of taking the narrative into the past or future without mammoth filming, casting and travel budgets. You can go inside a product or blow it apart in slow motion to show how your product, solution or service works because with animation, anything is possible.

Animation is powerful and memorable and stays in your long-term memory. Animation is a versatile medium for bringing complex business and marketing messages, methodologies, solutions, services and products to life engagingly and memorably. It can be funny, serious and everything in between.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're considering animation or have an idea that A+C could bring to life. We have a full-service studio that can take you from inception to broadcast. We have a vast roster of freelancers and an exceedingly talented team in-house, ready to dedicate their expertise to your story. You can view our work here or jump right in here.