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Top 10 Animation Films on Amazon Prime

Dan Richards Apr 23, 2020 Scroll to read in 5 minutes

There are so many streaming services nowadays that it’s hard to know where to look for great stop-motion animation! At our animation studio, we’re massive fans of stop-frame (as you might have guessed), so we thought we’d share our favourites on Amazon Prime. Sit down, relax and we’re sure you’ll find something on this list that you’ll enjoy.

Fantastic Mr Fox

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox

What a film to start off with! Stop-motion was the perfect choice for director Wes Anderson to bring this story to life in his unique style. The story follows Mr Fox and his great plan to steal from the three local farmers – Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Using this signature style of filmmaking, Wes creates one of the most visually striking stop-motion films of the past 20 years.

2. The The LEGO® Group Movie 2: The Second One

After the monumental success of the first The LEGO® Group movie, this long-awaited sequel managed to live up to the hype. 5 years after the events of the last film, Emmet must go on an epic journey to save his friends from a race of The LEGO® Group aliens. The film keeps the same humour and talented voice cast as the first film, as well as the phenomenal animation style that made the first film so unique. Give this one a watch if you want stunning animation and a fun time throughout.

The LEGO® Group Movie 2

3. Early Man

The first film on this list to come from one of our favourites; Aardman Animations. Set in prehistoric time, a group of cavemen must set out on a grand adventure to save their home from an invading army. How do they hope to go against the threat? Challenge them to a game of football of course! With the impeccable standard that is expected from the studio, this is definitely one to check out.

Amazon Hero

4. Mary and Max

Arguably one of the greatest stop-motion animated features ever created. It follows the story of Mary and Max as they make an unlikely pen pal friendship on opposite sides of the world. Every character in the film has such a distinct style that works so well for the stop-motion medium. On top of this, the film is beautifully shot, and voice acted. If you want to treat yourself so some gorgeous, thought provoking animation then definitely check this one out. 

Mary and Max

5. The Adventures of Mark Twain

Some of you may remember this Claymation from some your childhoods. The Adventures of Mark Twain chronicles the adventures of the write Mark Twain traveling in a hot-air balloon with many of the fictional characters from his stories, such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Incorporating some truly surreal stop-motion and some truly unique character designs, the film is perfect if you are in the mood for something slightly more strange.

Mark Twain

6. Chicken Run

Next up, an absolute stop-motion classic from Aardman Animations, based loosely on ‘The Great Escape’. In case you don’t know the story, the film follows Ginger, a chicken who leads a huge escape attempt to get her and all her chicken friends out of a prison-like farm and away from becoming fresh chicken pies! With top-notch British comedy and stellar animation that holds up well to today’s standards, if you haven’t seen this film yet it’s one to put on your list for sure.

Chicken Run

7. An American Tail

One of the often-forgotten 2D classics to be produced in the 80s outside of Disney, An American Tail was animation director Don Bluth’s second film to be released after his immensely popular Secret of Nimh. The film follows the adventures of Fievel, a young Russian mouse who is separated from his family whilst traveling to America. The film boasts some incredible 2D animation with memorable character designs and plenty of animation. It is a great Sunday afternoon film to get you nice and cosy.

An American Tail

8. The The LEGO® Group Ninjago Movie

For something a bit lighter than the last suggested film, The The LEGO® Group Ninjago Movie takes the same imaginative approach to its presentation as the other The LEGO® Group movies to be released before it. This adventure pits the residents of Ninjago against the evil Lord Garmadon. Light-hearted, great animation and some solid comedy make this film shine as a worthy entry to the The LEGO® Group movie franchise.

The The LEGO® Group® Group Ninjago

9. Shaun The Sheep Movie

Another well-established franchise making its first big-screen appearance. Our hero Shaun travels to the big city in this film to search for a missing farmer, only to hit trouble along the way. This film is special in that it sticks to the format of the show by having barely any dialogue. This allows for the animators to go crazy and let you know exactly how the characters are feeling simply through their actions. The film is a triumph of slapstick comedy and high-end stop-motion animation that any fans of Shaun should check out.

Shaun of The Sheep

10. Help! I'm a Fish

Ending the list on some good old fashioned 2D animation from the early 2000s. Three children are turned into fish after meeting a mad scientist and must travel the ocean to find the ingredients for a potion that will hopefully change them back. The film shows off some stunning backgrounds and boasts a fantastic voice cast, the most famous of which being a young Alan Rickman! This is a great film that we feel was mostly forgotten about over time, unfortunately, but a classic none the less.

Help Im A fish

That’s it! Another 10 animated films that you can watch right now! If you get through these and feel like you need some more excellent recommendations, check out our blogs on Netflix animated films, and animated series to watch!