The Turner Prize has landed in Margate. This Saturday the exhibition, showcasing the shows from the four finalists, opened at the Turner Contemporary in our home town of Margate. We couldn’t be more excited. Margate has a long history of attracting artists to its shores. It was Turner himself who sighted that Margate had the loveliest skies in all of Europe. And it’s not just the skies that make Margate irresistible to artists and creative-minded people. This seaside town is brimming with inspiration whether you’re an amateur artist, a sculpting pro or simply just enjoy soaking in the quirky shores of scenery new and old. 

We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Margate has a way of luring you in with its history and charm then casting a spell so strong you will never want to leave. That’s precisely what’s happened to A+C. Margate is our forever home and here are a few reasons why:

1.Anything can happen: Like the box of chocolates in Forest Gump, ‘you never know what you’re gonna get’. Sunshine or showers, grey skies or blue or even this incredible piece of art below by Alex Chinneck.

The Alphabetti Spaghetti’ sculpture by Alex Chinneck, Photo by Marc Wilmot, Published on Isle of Thanet News

2. The best sunsets in all the land: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Turner loved these sunsets…..

Photo by Helen E.A. for Letters for Jay Blog

3. Dreams come true: Not just at Dreamland but all across Margate. People often move here with a dream or leave with the dream to move here.

Photo by Dreamland

4. Treasure to be found: Arrrrrrrrr…Margate has a rich history of Pirates and there’s treasure to be found. Maybe in these newly opened Margate Caves.

Photo: Frank Leppard

So it’s no wonder why the Turner Prize chose Margate as its town of choice for this year’s exhibition and ceremony.

The Turner finalists are Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo and Tai Shani. We can’t wait to see their work and wish them all the best in the competition.

The Turner Prize exhibition starts on 28th September and runs through to the prize-giving on Dec 5th 2019. For events visit

Featured image by Georgina Jackson taken of Turner Prize Finalist Exhibition 2019