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The Team Behind HyperX 2022

Alex M Nov 30, 2022 Scroll to read in 4 minutes

Meet the talent behind our incredible new ad for HyperX.

Dan Richards - Director

Dan 1

Dan is our obscenely talented director. His brilliant films are always vibrant and atmospheric and made with a skillset rarely seen in 2022. His work feels like a throwback and makes you yearn for the nostalgia of Oliver Postgate, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall whilst being modern and cool. You can read more about Dan here > > >

James Harvey - Lead Animator

(James I), our Lead Animator graduated with a First Class Honours animation degree from the esteemed Southampton Solent Univerity and has cut his teeth at A+C since 2013.

Since 2013 we have seen James go from strength to strength, finessing his technical ability, which spans stop-motion, traditional 2D, and computer-generated imagery.

Whether it's technical excellence or emotional storytelling, his filmmaking has a brilliance which incorporates ingenious tricks and techniques to capture the brief. Check out his personal work here > > >

BTS Photos 01 01 X1 0058

Kevin Paul Lawrence - Head of Camera and Lighting

Kevin is a supremely talented Head of Camera and Lighting who built his early career in the U.S. stop-motion industry before relocating to the U.K. During his time in the States, he had the opportunity to learn from America's best cinematographers at the American Society of Cinematographers.

Kevin's movie credits include M.O.D.O.K., Captain Underpants, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Westworld, Robot Chicken and Crossing Swords.

When Kevin isn't perfectly lighting and capturing A+C work or building a custom moco, he's producing phenomenal photographs - check out a selection of his work here > > >

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 14 23 55

Harry Law - Stop-motion Production Assistant.

Screenshot 2022 11 08 at 11 03 36

Harry came to us fresh from university, and we are stoked to have him aboard.  He is a born animator with an incredible film, The Huntress, already under his belt that combines beautifully intricate character designs with dynamic storytelling. We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for Harry. See the Huntress and more here > > >

Kevin Doogan - Head of Post Production

DALL E 2022 11 30 13 26 04 Film still portrait of a generic Irish looking man in his 40s with short dark grey hair and blue eyes in the style of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Bar

The photo opposite isn't him. He won't cough up a photo, so we've had to resort to an A.I. version using a poor description of him. His elusiveness leads us to believe he's either a covert spy or on witness protection, either of which could be believed of our new Irish rogue, Kevin Doogan.

Spy or not, he is an impressive Head of Post hailing from a diverse background spanning everything from blue chip to entertainment via Hogarth Worldwide to land at A+C.

James Dyer - Production Artist

Screenshot 2022 11 08 at 11 14 29

James II came via Game Art Design at DeMontfort University and a top gaming company to land at A+C, where he impresses us daily with his incredible illustrative skills.  James created the perfect aesthetic to evolve the characters from last year's HyperX spot and introduce our new character, Little Brother. Check out more of his work > > >

Jay Smith - Digital Artist


(James III) A+C enigma Jay is our 2D and After Effects hotshot. When he isn't seamlessly cleaning up in post-production, he can be found hustling in the world of musical theatre.

Billy Stoker - Post-Production Assistant


Billy is a lynchpin at A+C, traversing post-production, 3D printing and being an all-round reliable guy. When he isn't evolving like Wurmple he is grasping the art of drumming via YouTube videos.

Portia Wilson - Producer


Portia is an accomplished Producer, having worked on everything from The Corpse Bride to The Wombles. She is our go-to person for everything and anything, whether work-related or more cerebral topics – nothing falls outside of her areas of expertise regarding quality advice. In addition to being a fantastic producer, she is an immensely skilled photographer - Also voted 'Most Loved at A+C'

Cavell Briscoe - Production Assistant


Our fresh-to-death Production Assistant, Cavell, came to us via @stussy archives with a diverse range of production roles under his belt. He is a remarkably calming influence on the office, and amazing things await him in the future. Also voted 'cutest baby at A+C'

Stuart Clark - Editor

Screenshot 2022 11 08 at 11 15 18

Resident brooding hunk Stu is a veteran of A+C, having been around since our inception. Stu leads a double life as our talented editor and Director of Media & Communications at an intermodal cargo shipping company.

The Rest of The Best

Kat Probert - Model Maker
Julian Clarke
- Model Maker & Armature Maker
Jerome White - Set Building & Model Maker
Laura Kerrigan -  Fabricator