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A+C is pleased to reveal a brand new advert for the hotel search company trivago, created using stop-motion animation. This heart-warming tale follows the story of a family searching for, booking and enjoying a mountain-based skiing holiday. Stop-motion animation has universal appeal and helped give visual warmth to the family’s story.

The journey begins with a pair of siblings using a tablet to search for the perfect accomodation. They are soon joined by their parents and are all magically transported to a number of different hotels using trivago’s online search facility, before finally settling on their perfect match.

Our Director Dan Richards, said;
“Using stop-motion is a beautiful way to tell stories which appeals to the whole family, and it was great to work with Trivago on their story. The crew that brought to life every hand, ski and room are some of the most talented craft-people in the world and that was important to bring this story to life.”

The film took ten weeks to produce with all of the characters, sets and props crafted by hand before being captured frame-by-frame. Our studio welcomed a talented fleet of model-makers, painters, sculptors and fabricators, many of whom have a number of feature film and commercial credits. The whole crew brought their skill and mastery together to deliver this truly memorable animation. A crew of over twenty artists worked on the production, some of whom can be seen in our behind the scenes film below:

We were very lucky to have a number of model-makers and fabricators that were fresh off the back of Wes Anderson’s most recent film Isle of Dogs. Together they skillfully hand-crafted each beautiful set, prop and puppet that you see on screen. Days turned to nights in our model workshop as we saw every detail from eyelids to mid-century Scandinavian style chairs lovingly created.

The script was written by trivago’s creative team before being shot last year in Margate, the home of A+C Studios. trivago‘s Creative Director Britt Dunse said:
“It was a real pleasure to work with A+C. A gang of talented, passionate, adorable, funny people! Thanks so much for this gorgeous work! Highly recommended to work with this team!!”

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