Best Animation Books for Animators

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Animation is all about observation, learning how to bring characters to life through movement. Here at our studio, we still reference animation books daily. People often ask what animation books we recommend so we’ve put this list together for animation new comers as well as seasoned pros. With Christmas just around the corner maybe Santa might be dropping some of these into a few stockings! Read More

Stop-motion Intern Blog

My Stop-Motion Studio Internship – By James Yuill

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I’ve had an interest in animation ever since I was young. Most of my mornings would be spent watching cartoons, and most evenings watching films. As I got older I began to spend more time researching how the animations I loved were actually made. It quickly became clear to me how much hard work and time is involved, as well as the sheer volume of jobs that were available within the industry.

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Explained with LEGO - Stop-motion

A+C Explains it all with LEGO bricks

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How long would it take to drive to the moon? Do leprechauns create rainbows? Can cars drive themselves? These are exactly the questions LEGO’s new “Explained with LEGO Bricks” series is aiming to answer with a brand new educational show that mixes live-action and stop-motion animated comedy.  Read More