LEGO set of volcanoes built for stop-motion animation

Why do we have seasons? How do volcanoes work? How do rollercoaster’s work? How do planes fly? Season TWO of LEGO’s “Explained with LEGO Bricks” has landed and these are just a handful of the questions they will be answering. This season features the magnificent Maddie Moate and Greg Foot from Cbeebies and BBC who endeavour to answer these questions and more with a mix of live-action and stop-motion animated comedy. 

All the stop-motion skits were produced in-house at our Margate production studio, this series like the first aims to use the fun of LEGO to engage kids and families in various topics and encourage them to learn more.

LEGO set being animated using stop-motion
Behind the scenes on Explained with LEGO Bricks

Using our collection of half a million bricks, we created over 100 different sets and shot over 50 animations in order to create the incredible stop-motion animation you see in each episode. The stop-frame sequences were animated across two rigs in our animation studio. We then finished things up in our edit-suite with the post-production for the series.

A+C Director Dan Richards who directed the series said “It was a dream to work with LEGO on series one so be asked to work on series two was incredible. We applied the same approach as with the first season which was to create a series which the 8-year-old in me would have loved to watch. Working on this project was exciting for the whole studio and it was a privilege to put our half a million LEGO Bricks to use once again.”

Head over to the LEGO YouTube channel to watch the latest episodes.