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Must-Follow Resources For Stop-Motion Animation

Dan Richards Jul 03, 2020 Scroll to read in 4 minutes

When working in stop-motion animation, it’s important to have a lot of helpful resources at your disposal.

There are so many tools and components specific to stop-motion movies that sometimes it’s hard to find specifically what you need on more conventional sites such as Amazon. From help and advice to useful products, knowing where to look for different animation resources is always a benefit. We’ve put together a few helpful websites that we feel are really useful when you need something for stop-motion animation. From products to advice, we have you covered!


Dragonframe is the industry standard for stop-motion animation software. They’ve spent years developing the software now used by giants in the industry such as Aardman Animations. However, as well as offering their software, they also have a store with many animation accessories and tools designed to work with it. This opens up lots of new ways of animating, lighting and performing camera movements. They also provide a wide range of tutorials on how to use their software, as well as general animation tips and tricks. Finally, they also curate a fantastic blog which provides great news and insight into what is going on in the world of stop-motion, ranging from big-budget productions to wonderful indie films. We think this should be your first stop resource when you need tools and inspiration.

Dragon Frame


This relative newcomer to the armature market made ripples throughout the community upon its release. Initially beginning as a Kickstarter project, Stickybones now produces high-quality armatures that are perfect for animation tests as well as polished stop-motion movies. Unlike traditional armatures, these are made from plastic with inbuilt ball and socket joints. This makes them highly poseable as well as feeling solid and holding their positions very well. Magnets in the armature’s feet also eliminate the need for traditional screw-in methods or in some cases rigging to be used when animating. Perfect for beginners or veterans alike, check this out if you want a high-quality armature that holds up to anything you put it through.

Sticky Bones

Kinetic Armatures

Sticking with the theme of armatures, Kinetic Armatures provides a more traditional array of armatures and stop-motion set tools for you to purchase. These come mostly in the form of pre-built armatures that are sorted by size on their site – they come in three main sizes ranging from small to large. On top of this service, Kinetic Armatures also provides an array of spare parts and rigging options available to buy. Perfect for repairs and pre-built armatures, definitely one to look at if you want to step up your armature game.

Kinetic Armatures

Stop-Motion Shop by Julian Clark Studios

StopMotionShop is a fantastic resource for stop motion puppets. Set up by Julian Clark, a veteran designer of armature products in the stop-motion industry, this site has it all. Pre-made armatures, metal skeletons, 3D printing and spare parts are just a few things that this online store provides – you can even get your stop-motion software here too. It’s the perfect place if you need to create your own stop-motion armature from scratch as you should be able to find every element you need to make even the most complex puppets. The site also has a selection of animation stages, rigging equipment and other useful items that all fall under the umbrella of stop-motion model and puppet making.

Stop motion Shop Julian Clark

Moving away from armature and model making resources now to a site to help with any questions you may have about stop-motion. is a message board for anyone who wants to know anything about animation. Got a question? Post it on the site and you should soon have it answered by a group of like-minded individuals all striving to share their knowledge and help push the medium forward for everyone. Every area of stop-motion animation is covered on this site, from software to interesting animation trivia. With so many different categories to look through on the site, you are sure to find answers to any questions about stop-motion you might have.

Stop Motion Animation

These are just a few helpful animation resources that we use all the time here at A+C. We produce all stop-motion techniques from paper animation to product animation and draw on these sites and resources.

If you’re looking for some stop-motion animation software to help bring your own ideas to life, why not check out our blog covering some really useful software that you can easily get hold of today to start your stop-frame animation journey!