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Make The Move to Margate

Alex M Aug 30, 2022 Scroll to read in 3 minutes

Alex's London to Margate Story.
Relocating somewhere is always a huge step. Having lived in London for around twenty years, it was by no means an easy decision to leave city life for somewhere quieter.

Is there enough to do? Will I be able to do all the things I did in London? After experiencing Margate at weekends when my partner moved here, I got a taste of what life could be like by the sea, and I went ALL in.

I always saw myself staying in London until my death, but after growing tired of never being able to afford a bigger place alongside plans to start a family, I decided that my priorities for life had to change, and Margate kick-started that change.

While my initial motive was the possibility of owning a whole house with a garden without having to part with any organs, Margate has become like a significant other to me. The vast tidal pool at dusk, walks along the coast before work, and people you don't know saying hello to you in the street are just a few of the micro-reasons I worship this odd little town.

Adjusting to the gentler pace is easier than I thought it would be too. You get back the time you didn't know you were haemorrhaging on the tube, working overtime and keeping up with the FOMO. Sure, you can't get sushi anywhere at 2 am in Margate, but releasing that the independent businesses that dominate Margate enjoy a work/life balance unheard of in London, you soon let go of the 'luxuries' of the big city to benefit from that balance too.

Margate is a VERY creative town with loads of art studios, indy shops, and private views that are two-a-penny and great places to meet new people. Margate Creatives Accommodation group on Facebook is the place if you're looking to rent initially. Generally, you should look at a budget of £300/350 per room per month excluding bills, £700-£850 for a two-bedroom.

Living in Margate has countless benefits, ranging from the magical sense of being a part of something extraordinary to a sourdough cheese toastie the size of a coffee table costing £4. So, if you're on the fence wondering if that perfect job at that super cool animation studio is worth the relocation, take it from me; it absolutely is.

My partner, toddler and I have a house with a garden where we grow vegetables like some modernistic Tom & Barbara Good. We’ve made a great circle of friends by getting involved in the very welcoming Margate community. Our son will have the choice of 2 outstanding primary schools with excellent facilities and staff that aren't overstretched, and I'm pretty happy. Margate really does bestow a quality of life you only see in unrealistic films starring beautiful white Americans, and I know I've made Margate sound like a cult, and in a way, it is, but it's one of the good sort!