Rays shop at Christmas

This time of year is always an exciting one in advertising. For the six weeks in the run-up to Christmas, we see brands launch their (often highly anticipated) seasonal adverts. The adverts set out to capture the festivities, emotions, charm and above all, the magic of the holidays. And there is nothing that captures all these wonderful festive feelings like stop-motion.

For a stop-motion crew, Christmas starts in the summer. Not a very festive time of year I know, but nevertheless when it takes 25 frames to capture 1 second of film, time is the greatest gift to an animator. The studio is transformed into a winter wonderland and while others are sunning themselves on August Bank Holiday, our model-makers are hanging up fairy lights, building tiny snowmen, assembling Christmas trees and hanging up baubles. The magic of Christmas settles in Margate and the animators get to work animating the festive scenes frame by frame.

So now the season is actually upon us we saw it only fit to share with you some of our favourite Christmas ads we’ve produced over the years. Here are a few of our creations from those long summer nights:







Season’s Greetings from all at A+C x