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How Animated Explainers Can Help Business Post-Lockdown

Dan Richards Jun 22, 2020 Scroll to read in 3 minutes

During these turbulent times, the landscape for businesses and advertising has drastically changed. Being unable to travel and visit shops due to COVID-19 has completely altered how people respond to retailers and service providers and of course, to advertisers and marketing teams around the globe too.

As an animation studio making explainers for over ten years, we wanted to talk about how having an explainer film could be hugely beneficial to your company during the easing of lockdown and looking further ahead into Q3 and Q4.

Animated Explainers 02

The experience for consumers has changed and will take time to ramp back up to pre-lockdown conditions. Not being able to walk down a high street or around a shopping centre recreationally and buy things like we used to has severely impacted many high street retailers. Even now as restrictions are lifting, only a limited number of stores have been allowed to open and begin trading again.

Online sales and delivery have thrived over the past few months and this will likely continue throughout 2020. With companies such as Amazon still active during the entire pandemic, people have been able to purchase most of the things they would need with only minor delays. This change in consumer habits is set to continue, so having an online presence and advertising through social channels is more important than ever.

Having a good online presence also gives businesses new opportunities for advertising themselves to a wider audience. The immediacy of social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn means that companies can reach a much wider market.

But how do explainers factor into all of these new changes to the business world? Having a concise and interesting video at the forefront of your company’s website means that you can quickly get across the services you provide as well as any information about your company that you feel people should know. The styles of these videos can range dramatically, from light-hearted to having a serious and important message.

The main factor when thinking about how to present your company through an explainer is to keep it entertaining and engaging. With the surge in social media over the past decade and its ability to allow anyone to share themselves with the world, it is important that you keep your content interesting and entertaining as well as concisely relaying the information about your company that you want people to know. All you need is for your explainer video to start trending online and you will have more people coming to your site looking for your services than ever before.

Having an explainer is also a great opportunity to update people on how exactly your company has changed and adapted due to these new ways of working in the lockdown. People respond well to having a personal connection with you as a brand, opening up on some of the ins and outs of how you are running things allows people to connect easily.

Animated Explainers 01

Although the world has changed its approach to how businesses and companies operate, people haven’t changed in how they connect with media. If you create something that people engage with as well as give them information, you will easily be able to maintain a healthy level of business when we come out of this lockdown period.

If you’re interested in making an animated explainer of your own, feel free to contact us at [email protected].