Following our previous blog post, we wanted to talk about the more practical elements that go into creating a stop-motion animation for the coming months.

So by now, we are all well and truly used to working from home. It’s been positive to figure out that we can still communicate effectively and carry on producing great animation. For everyone at A+C, we were all so used to working at our production studio, but we adapted quickly. One of the reasons we were able to adapt was that even when we are at the production space, we are all in separate rooms! We have three large studio floors, a production office, model making workshop, editing suite and a motion design lab.

We did our first lockdown stop-frame animation film with the LEGO Group, which was a public service announcement aimed at UK children in lockdown over the Easter period which you can read about here. Our lead animator set up a stop-motion stage in his own home and worked around the clock to meet the three-day deadline. The rest of the animation team all worked from their homes, with a lot of Zoom calls and file sharing across our network which we can access remotely.

We have proved to ourselves and our clients that we can still produce engaging content under lockdown. Nobody knows exactly when things will be safe to return to normality, what restrictions will continue to be in place, for how long, and for the creative industries, how filming and crews will work with continued social distancing. Animation does seem a safer route to continue to create content whilst adhering to government guidelines.

Another reason to consider animation is that shooting abroad won’t be a practical option for many months to come. We can create beaches, landscapes and landmarks on tablets then build them at our studio. One of our studio spaces has an infinity curve, which means we can create large sets such as these living spaces for Homesense. Anything is possible in the world of animation.

With our local crew, we can walk to work and have a few people safely distancing on set, with the rest of our team safely working from home or within another room. We can access a remote network to share progress with the client and can even set up a live webcam to show safe working practice for them to view. Where the world has stopped, we can go as far as your imagination will go, so go ahead and get in touch with us about your exciting TVCs.


Next week we open the studio doors for a small amount of our crew and we’re happy to discuss any ideas or scripts.