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7 Amazing Plasticine Artists

Alex M Sep 16, 2022 Scroll to read in 1 minute

Be warned. This article isn’t about animation; it’s Plasticine’s time to shine. For many, Plasticine probably makes you think of school and the lingering rubbery smell it left on your fingers or when you had a crack at making Aardman-style characters. You most likely won’t associate it with art. Below are seven artists working with Plasticine whose work is inspirational and worth a follow.


1. Wilfrid Wood


Wilfrid Wood is a London-based artist who began his career building latex heads for the mordant TV programme, Spitting Image. His charming and quirky Plasticine portraits are well worth a follow.

2. Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson‘s artworks look just like oil paintings on giant canvases from a distance. The British artist turned to Plasticine as a student because he couldn’t afford expensive oil paints.

3. Evan Hudson

Claymation Vortex 768x768

Another artist that turned to Plasticine because they couldn’t afford oil paint is the Toronto-based artist Evan Hudson, whose work ranges from the surreal to the fanciful.

4. Barbara Reid

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Barbara Reid is a picture book illustrator and author whose award-winning artwork is created entirely with Plasticine.

5. Ana Villalba

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Ana Villalba’s illustrations and figures are made in Plasticine for advertising, editing, scientific projects and private commissions.

6. Jenue

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Partly created for 36 Days of Type – Madrid-based artist Jenue’s created a letter a day with Plasticine, Jenue tried to create in a different style each day and the results are stunning.

Karin Csernohorski


Austrian artist Karin Csernohorski AKA Commander Clay, makes the most incredible clay illustration- and stop frame video. She is an original and often surreal artist who presents unique handcrafted art.