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5 Stop-Motion Animation Myths BUSTED!

Dan Richards Mar 31, 2020 Scroll to read in 3 minutes

Talking to people over the years, we have come to the realisation that stop-motion has a bit of a reputation – so here are some of those myths BUSTED. Here at our animation studios we know a thing or two about stop-frame as we’ve been producing it for over 12 years, and we wanted to set the records straight!

Stop motion Takes a Long Time

1. Stop-Motion Takes a Long Time


We have 3 studio spaces within our beautiful Victorian school building here in Margate. This means we have the capacity of multiple animators working at the same time! We have 6 stages across the three studios, so can produce up to 1 minute of animation a day. Not bad eh?

2. Stop-Motion is Expensive


Not being based in Soho means we don’t have the same running costs. We have low overheads due to our location- which means more money on the production! We are lucky because we are a hub of creative activity here in Margate we now have a wealth of talent on our doorstep. With our lower overheads, we are able to offer more, meaning more money goes on screen.

When creating a number of social films across mulitple stages it means clients only have to pay one producer fee per day, one director fee per day, and so on. It means we can offer an economy of scale where others can’t because they only have one stage.

Our most recent studio takeover was with TK Maxx and Homsense – we were able to shoot three idents all at the same time. It was the same case for our Lego YouTube series last year.

Stop motion is Expensive

3. Stop-Motion Doesn’t Involve Using The Latest Technology


It’s all shot digitally which means as soon as our animator grabs a frame on one of our stages, it goes straight to our clean-up artist via our network, so we can be compositing the second an image is taken. Our talented team are able to quickly erase any rigs used in the shot, and we’re quick to get raw animations to the client once done.

Latest Technology

4. You Can Only Do Character Animation in Stop-Motion


Yes we love designing and creating characters, model-making and making intricate worlds for them to live in such as our campaign for Harrods– but that’s not all stop-motion has to offer. At A+C we create many product animations which are great for TVC’s and idents as well as social content. Like our amazing TK Maxx/Homesense idents which were on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch weekly for the best part of a year (and still running)! We were also able to recreate different seasons, as it didn’t matter what the weather looked like outside the studio. Whilst it was ice cold outside in January, we were inside the studio creating Spring/Summer campaigns in our Hawaiian shirts!

You Can Only Do Character Animation in Stop Motion

5. You Can't Change Anything Once It's Shot


We have lots of digital tricks we can use to give flexibility in post for the client. Where it’s true that in an ideal world we would like to have all storyboards and details agreed from the start, we appreciate that things can change. We can change things here and there as we go along – giving you that little bit of flexibility you need.

You Cant Change Anything Once Its S Hot

So there you have it – what are you waiting for? Your next content idea could be brought to life with stop-motion and there are no excuses not to try it! Dream up something magical today.

Have a look at our latest stop-motion work here.

If you have an idea or script and are considering stop-motion and you’d like to talk to us about we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch here.