Considering the high cost of air time and production, it makes sense to plan and test your ideas, presenting in animation to avoid any confusion and costly mistakes further in the process. Dictating a finished product through animatics is a popular and efficient way of presenting a creative plan and gives everyone involved something to refer back to, a great tool so you don’t get the unexpected.

These animated storyboards help us and you understand how the target audience will react to the final product, it could also be used for research purposes and planning how/where to use the finished piece. Using an animatic not only as research but to dictate a project is a powerful force driving a project through. At A+C we offer a variety of animatic production services and would be happy to discuss how we can work with your creative team to bring boards to life.

Huslab animatic

Húsláb Animatic

Happy Egg Co. Animatic

The Happy Egg Co. Animatic

Robinsons Animatic

Robinsons Animatic

Sainsbury's Lego cards animatic

Sainsbury’s Animatic

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