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A+C Stories

We’re very proud of what we do and how we go about doing it too! So, we’ve put together some behind-the-scenes 'A+C Stories' to give a glimpse of life here at our studio in Margate.

These films were all shot in-house at A+C and feature members of our creative team. We'll be adding more films, so do come back & see them here or check them out on our social channels!

The Old Laundry

Old laundry web pic

Old Laundry has had an amazing history going through many changes and alterations throughout the years, so for our latest A+C story, we’ve taken a deep dive into the past to see what we could find.

Student Films

Student films web pic

All of our creative journeys started with our first ever film, and here at A+C we have a very diverse range of mediums we used for our first film.

Map of Margate

Map of margate web image for stories page

Margate is a bustling hive of creativity and small businesses. All with their unique appeal. With all the clients we get coming from London, we thought we’d create this amazing map showcasing some of the best places to visit in Margate.

Little Lights

Little Lights 4 5 web photo

To give our animations that little extra spark, we create our own practical miniature lights to place within our sets. This creates a more cinematic and realistic set whilst giving our stop-motions more life.

The Power Glove

Powerglove image

We created a stop-motion production tool out of an old Nintendo Power Glove that works seamlessly with Dragonframe software.

Archie the Studio Dog

Archie AC Stories pohot

Meet Archie, our beloved studio dog. Like all favourite pets, he's sometimes a bit mischievous but he's a big part of what makes A+C who we are.

New Office

Office pic for blog

We moved into our brand new office! Here's the story of how it happened.

Never miss a Train Again!

2022 01 25 10 54 08 AC Stories The LEGO® Group Station mp4 VLC media player

With our new second space alongside our original Studio in Margate, we get lots of visitors from London. So to help them catch their train home on time, we created a brick built Margate station with working schedules.

If you want to learn more or talk to us about an animation project, please get in touch!