HP Dodie clark animation

Ok so maybe Rock isn’t exactly the best descriptor of Dodie Clark’s “Absolutely Smitten” but it makes for a punchier title so we’re going to run with that. 

Anyway, back to the story.  A month or so ago we got a call from those creative disrupters over at Brave, who needed an animated hand bringing one of their client’s products to market.  Pronto.  Never one’s to refuse a challenge we signed on the dotted line and flung our skills into the mix.

A+C Director Dan Richards said:

 “As soon as I saw this great little printer I knew it would be perfect to work with and love the creative opportunities it offers users. Love it”.

 The brief could hardly have been better for us happy little animators. Take a great new product with huge ambitions.  Fold in a YouTube superstar.  Sprinkle with stop motion.  Done.  It may have been a touch trickier than that but you get the idea.

 In fact here are some ahem…facts. The finished film contains around 1750 individually printed photos.  We shot at five frames per second, rather than twenty five, to ensure a handmade aesthetic.  33 individual clips of Dodie were composited into the piece.  It’s had 160,000 views on her channel in the first two days. And counting.

Brave Senior Account Manager Jasmine Portman said:

 “HP were keen to demonstrate a truly inspirational use case for the Sprocket, so using stop motion animation felt like a natural fit. Thanks to close collaboration with Dodie and the A+C team, this music video reflects Dodie’s charming aesthetic and the sense of fun that the Sprocket brings to any project. We’re “Absolutely Smitten” with the final result, and so is our audience!”

 Enjoy our latest handiwork here:

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