Huslab animation

As a commercial animation studio we spend most of our time making lovely content for our even more lovely clients.  Now as awesome as it is to keep the baying wolf from our oak panelled door, we do occasionally pine for the chance to tell a story on our own terms.  The opportunity to develop a narrative in more than 30 seconds would be a rare treat for our animators and one we knew they’d jump at.

As such, 6 months ago we sat down to write a script for a stop motion film based in and around Margate.  Of course, not wanting to make it easy for ourselves we decided that a BAFTA should be our goal and that we’d build everything from scratch in our model shop. Gulp.

After many a heated development meeting and numerous rewrites we ended up with a character who we all loved and a story we all wanted to tell. Húsláb had officially been ‘born’. All we needed to do now was work out how we were going to introduce him to everybody else.

Dan Richard, Director said:

It’s been hugely rewarding for us all to develop an idea that involves the whole studio. We’re really keen to be working on more narrative led jobs and hopefully this will help in our steps towards TV shows and feature films.

It turns out that if you’re shooting for the stars you need a decent rocket and apparently they don’t come cheap. For 10 minutes of top end animation we’d need to spend 14 months building and shooting, in between paying jobs, to achieve the quality and finish we require. Bye-bye weekends!

We’ll be doing the majority of the funding ourselves, but for the bits we can’t provide in house such as materials, extra model makers, musicians etc then we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help give us more of a chance to make Húsláb a reality.

We’ve helped to fund lots of projects ourselves before but have never been the ones looking for pledges so it’s a rather exciting / nervous time in the studio this week. Luckily we’ve got a glut of ads to deliver so it should keep us from checking how we’re doing every few minutes. Maybe.

David Clark, Creator and Writer commented:

“To be working with some of my heroes on this film is a real honour. I can’t wait to get this project fully underway and give Huslab the life he deserves!”

Our journey so far has been aided by lots of truly amazing people including our narrator David Morrissey, what a dude, and those hugely talented alchemists at Electric Theatre Collective. You’ve all helped to make our teaser film so much better than we ever dreamed possible. Imagine what we’ll achieve when it comes to the real thing.

Can we Kick it? Yes we can!

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