Huslab animation

Can we Kick it?

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As a commercial animation studio we spend most of our time making lovely content for our even more lovely clients.  Now as awesome as it is to keep the baying wolf from our oak panelled door, we do occasionally pine for the chance to tell a story on our own terms.  Read More

American Express animation

What do points make?

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If you responded “Prizes!” to the title then you’re probably in the age demographic that American Express are targeting with their current Rewards campaign.  If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then please bear with us as these are normally quite good posts. Read More

Milan animation blog

Milán to Margate

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We’re always keen to work with talent from far and wide at A+C, and over the years we’ve flown in creatives from all corners of the globe to work on numerous projects. Read More

Lego stop frame animation

Block Party in Margate

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OK, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a party but we definitely had lots of fun, made some great new friends plus we’re still cleaning up the breakages several weeks later. We are of course referring to LEGO’s recent visit to our studio in Margate. Read More